Best Ways to use your frequent flyer miles

Air travel is not what it used to be; long gone are the days you could just go to the airport, buy a ticket and fly. With the progress of technology and the internet to where it is now, air travel has changed drastically, especially the ways you can buy tickets. In addition, airlines have introduced reward programs and while they’ve been a thing since the 1980s, these day’s they’re far more popular. And understanding them is a science in it of itself. The sheer variety of ways to earn them and spend them can be daunting, and anyone looking to begin their frequent flyer journey needs to process a lot of information. We can help you begin it by giving you a short primer.

Firstly, what are frequent flyer miles? Basically they are just reward points you get for flying with a particular airline. It’s the same concept as credit card reward points – the more you shop, the more points you get. These rewards can then be used in exchange for benefits which we’ll cover in a bit. A thing to note here is that not all frequent flyer programs are equal, different airlines have different programs which vary in terms of points you receive. Some are good, some not so. In addition even within the same airline, there are different classes (Platinum, Gold, and regular), of frequent flyer programs. So depending on how much you travel you can pick the one that suits your purposes the best. Another way to rack up points is to buy them online, for example, you can Buy United Mileage Plus miles with The Mileage Club. Many websites offer such services.

Now we move on to the main stuff; what exactly is the use of these miles? The answer is, it depends on what you want. They can be exchanged for a myriad of stuff and services. The most common one is to exchange them for a ticket – depending on the distance you’re traveling, you might need to collect a lot of points in order for them to be exchanged with a ticket but it’s certainly doable. Another way is that you can use your miles to pay partly for the ticket and the difference in cash. This is a great way to get discounted tickets. You can also use them to upgrade from economy to business class, usually at a bargain especially if there is a deal going on. A ‘free’ upgrade is not unlikely. Besides this using your miles you can also book vacations, which come with hotel bookings and car rentals. Airlines usually have deals with a particular hotel chain or car rental company to facilitate their members. A person can also shop using their miles, usually at the airline’s online shopping portal or another third party website. So if you do not plan to travel soon, you can use miles this way, rather than letting them expire.

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