There are no qualms in the fact that hiking has become the most popular adventure trip these days. Men have developed a ‘never say never’ attitude towards hiking. As soon as a trip is planned, they pack their bags and are good to go! Since the popularity of trekking is increasing, the queries related to hiking accessories are on a rise. The most frequent among them is- ‘Which watch is more suitable with your hiking trip?

The wide range of watches available in the market do  make it difficult to choose the best out of them. However, the most popular ones to choose from are Casio Protrek and G-Shock. Casio has already created a niche in people’s hearts with its variable and equally desirable range of products.

Now the first question that comes to a buyer’s mind is- ‘How does Casio Protrek differ from G-Shock?’

In simple words, Protrek is known for its advanced features while G-Shock is loved for its durability.

  • The Design and the Build:

G-Shock is Tailor made for hikers and can bear the physical abuse involved in hiking.  These are available in round, square and hexagonal design.

Priotreks look more high tech but are less tough than G-Shock. They have round case, round dial and a bezel.

G-Shock watches come with subdials which make them a combination of digital and analogue watches. There are subdials in some Protreks too but they are not common.

  • Usage:

If you are looking for a rough and tough watch with astonishing durability, G-Shock is the perfect choice. If you still have doubts, test the ‘triple 10 concept’ associated with them.

  1. 10m free fall endurance.
  2. 10-bar water resistance.
  3. 10-year battery life.

Shouldn’t it be declared as ‘invincible’ among watches?

But if you are looking for advanced features in a watch, Protreks are made just for you. The fascinating features include the ‘Triple Sensor’.

  • Digital Compass.
  • Altimeter and Barometer.
  • Thermometer.

Hiking demands an extensive  understanding of the atmosphere around you. Protreks serve the purpose of other trekking gadgets single handedly. They include other features such as sunrise/ sunset times, low temperature resistance, tide graph, moon data etc.

All these features make them the favourite choice among the adventure loving lot. The cooler the features, the greater is the thrill. Protreks are not tough enough as G-Shocks but are definitely tough enough for rough use. Also, we can not ignore the fact that some of the higher models of G- Shock watches come with triple sensors and other Protreks features.

  • Price:

G-Shocks have wider price range when compared to Protreks.

G-Shocks are available for $40 to $100 whereas Protreks are priced at over $100. Only higher models of G-Shock like Rangeman or Mudman come in the same price range as that of Protreks.

Basic G-Shocks are priced low because they lack advanced features are brought only for their durability.

Both G-Shock and Protreks are perfect partners for hikers. Taking into consideration your pocket and priorities, you can choose from either of them. Pay more for more features but affordable are the ones which are durable. Choose your watch before you pack your bags!