Tips to Survive Camel Trekking In Morocco

If you ask people about the highlight of their Morocco desert trip, the answer for most people who have toured the Sahara would be Marrakech camel trips. Riding on a camel would undoubtedly make your desert experience a lot more authentic. Spending overnight at a desert base in an opportunity you should not miss during your Marrakech desert tours 2 days. This journey will be covered by camel trekking and you will be assigned a guide that will lead you safely to the desert base camp.

However, the problem is that most people have not experienced camel riding in their life and this can make the journey quite difficult for them. That’s why here are some tips that will help you survive the camel trekking.

Learn to Embark on the Camel

Riding on a camel is a novel experience for most people and they will need to start from zero. The first thing you need to learn is how to embark on a camel. Remember that riding a camel is nothing like riding a horse plus camels are much taller than horses. Camels stand up with their back legs first, this means that you will be pushed forward when the camel stands up. If you’re not holding on tight, you can fall and injure yourself badly. Your guide should assist you in this task.

Dress appropriately

Camel fur is very rough plus the blanket that cushions the saddle is made of wool and tends to be extra coarse as well. That is why you should wear long pants and boots for comfort and avoid wearing shorts because they will definitely result in rashes and burns. You should also wear a scarf or a hat to protect your head from sunstroke and avoid the sand getting in your hair and eyes.

Befriend Your Camel

Getting to know your camel is very important for a safe and comfortable camel trekking across the Marrakech deserts. If you really want to survive the trip then you should befriend your camel.

Pack Lightly

Desert trips from Marrakech can be very comfortable and easy even over long distances, if you take minimum luggage with you. Packing lightly is important so as not to burden your camel because the camels are already carrying your food and emergency supplies. In addition, all the basic necessities such as bedding and blankets will be available at the desert camp base.