The Best Skiing Destinations

Who doesn’t love skiing? Something about hovering (virtually) down a white slope with the crisp mountain air in your face, and flecks of snow streaking past you, it’s magical and supremely satisfying. Most of us are not experts, and even if we hurtle down the mountain, tumbling in the snow, it’s a great rush and something that everyone wants a second go at. With winter slowly revving up to full flow, this is the best time to go for a skiing vacation – after spending Christmas at home of course. Thousands of ski resorts are scattered throughout the world, and we can’t possibly rate all of them here, what we can do is introduce you to some of the best. However this list is by no means exhaustive – in fact it is short enough not to do justice to the many beautiful resorts which grace our planet. Get Airline Tickets with Airzen and visit these for your next vacation.

Alpbach, Austria

Europe is for the most part an idyllic land, especially its mountainous regions. They are breathtaking. A prime example of this beauty is seen in Alpbach, Austria, it is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe – in the summer. In winter it becomes something else, something right out of a fairytale. Alpbach lies on a sunny plateau, some one thousand meters above sea level. The Alps provide a magnificent backdrop. With its amazing architecture, snow filled streets and festive decorations (especially at this time of the year), it looks like a holiday card than an actual place.  As a skiing resort Alpbach carters to both beginners and expert skiers. The former can take a run at the mountain base whereas the latter can challenge routes from Loderstein running around the Wiedersbergerhorn to the gondola station.

Megeve, France

Located at the base of Mont Blanc, Megeve is a medieval style village. It was turned into a ski resort by the Rothchilds and during its early days it was a favorite among the French aristocrats. However those days are gone and today it stands as one of the best ski resorts on the planet. Picturesque and cozy, you’ll won’t have enough of it. Elegant and laid back it houses a 13th century church and an open air ice rink in its central square. There are also excellent options available for dining. Or you can just stroll through the quaint streets gazing at the lights, with a warm cup of coffee in your hand. Bliss.

Saas Fee, Switzerland

They say the closest place to heaven on earth is Switzerland, the Swiss seek perfection and refinement in everything, and such is the case with their lands – they are magnificent. One example of this is Saas Fee, a traditional Swiss village which is housed between 13 peaks of the Alps. It would be hard to imagine a better backdrop for any place. This beautiful village is filled with bars, cafes and boutiques and manages to retain an authentic village feel. With numerous ski tracks to test your skills on, it caters to all levels of skiers. But those who seek a true ski challenge may feel underwhelmed. But again, its beauty is worth the visit ten times over.

Deer Valley, USA

The USA has many dozens of ski-resorts, and some of them are on par with their European counterparts. One such resort is Deer Valley in Utah, which was the site for the Winter Olympics in 2002. A regular host of ski-events, it was named as the top ski resort in the US by Ski Magazine for 5 years straight. This speaks volumes about its facilities.

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