5 Essentials to Pack for Camping Newbies

Camping can be such a fun and exciting way to explore nature and get to know yourself through meditation and exercise. However, if you are a camping newbie, there are a few essentials you need to pack for your first-ever camping adventure.

Extra Food in Case of Emergencies

This extra food should be nutritious non-perishables. When you are walking in the woods for long periods of time, regardless of what the weather is like, you need extra nutrients to keep your body running smooth. Some good options would be boxes of raisins or other nutrient-dense dried fruits, lots of beef jerky, a jar of peanut butter, handfuls of nuts, or homemade trail mix.

Don’t Forget Your Tent & Sleeping Bag

If you plan on sleeping under the stars, just grab a sleeping bag or a roll-away blanket. But if you want to sleep in an enclosure, snag a pup tent that zips from the inside with plenty of ventilation ports for fresh air. You can even pack a small tent for your kids to camp out in the living room of one of Beavers Bend cabins, if you choose the rental route of secluded camping.

Maps of the Camping Terrain

Probably the most important essential on the list—you definitely need a mapped out plan for your camping terrain. Never, ever wander off into uncharted woodlands by yourself. You never know what kind of challenges and dangers you face, especially if you get lost or turned around.

A Good Knife

Another very important element, and an excellent survival tool, a good knife can help you chop down dangerous plants that are in your way, as well as carve out symbols into tree bark if you need the extra mapped-out help. You can also de-scale any fish you catch in local rivers, use the blade to hit flint and spark a campfire, or defend yourself against small predators [in the worst case scenario].

Knowledge of Camping as a Whole

Before you set off on your whirlwind camping journey, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Camping can be lots of fun, and definitely exciting for those that have never camped before. However, when you do your research and arm yourself with knowledge, you are guaranteed a safer trip. Therefore, before you head to the woods, do some research about essentials, areas, terrains, dangers, and all of the things you can do to make your trip better and safer.

Camping is a fun way to commune with nature and learn more about yourself. Just be sure you take a second glance at the aforementioned list before you head off into the wilderness for your camping adventure.