Bathurst and historical areas that can be toured


There are many places in Australia where you can travel for tourism. Australia is among those countries of the world where tourist attractions are unlimited and perhaps this is the prime reason why many people turn towards this country for tourism each year. Among so many places that are worth visiting in Australia, a city which stands out is that of Bathurst. Well discussing all the aspects of Bathurst would not be that simple for us hence here we will only touch the city in historical context. In other words in this article we will try to see which historical places you can visit in Bathurst?

Historical Areas

There are many historical destinations is Bathurst however the one which tops the list is that of Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum. The museum is the best if you are someone who is fond of dinosaur history. The museum has the best fossil and mineral collection of the globe. The thing which really attracts the people from all over the world is the 10 meter Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Museum is also home to a 40 million year old dinosaur eggs and old lizard. More then 2000 exhibits await you in the museum.
If you are fond of train then Bathurst Miniature Railway is the destination which you should be visiting. The complex has a track of 600 meters and as a visitor you can take a ride as well. A rule which you should remember is that you should be wearing covered shoes otherwise the authorities would not let you ride the train.
Another place which you can visit in Bathurst is Mount Panorama Racing Track. The track was opened back in the year 1938 and is since then serving as the official home to the Australian Moto racing. The arena is today named among the top 3 motor racing circuits of the globe.

Another historical attraction in Bathurst which you can visit is Jenolan Caves. The area is home to 4 adventure caves and 9 show caves. All of these calves are open for general public. Every year guided tours are provided in the area. if you wish you can also avail the night tour facility.

A place that is a must visit for you in Bathurst is Bathurst Gaol. it is more of a building that was designed in the year 1888 by James Barnet. The building has a huge gate that has been constructed through carved sandstone.  If you see at the top of the gate, you will find the sculpted lion’s head with a key inside the mouth of the Lion. The legend says that if the key drops from the Lion’s mouth then all the prisoners have to be released.


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