5 reasons to visit Costa Rica

If you are looking for a perfect destination to spend your holiday and have fun then Costa Rica is the best option to pick. Costa Rica, a country in Central America, is surrounded with Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean to its east and west respectively. Due to nearing sea costs, this place has a number of exotic beaches and also this place is rich in diversity of flora and fauna with various national parks and forest reserves. Here are the 5 reasons to visit Costa Rica this holiday:

Exotic beaches

The name Costa Rica itself suggests something which is rich in coasts. Costa Rica has some most beautiful and exotic beach coasts in the world. These beach coasts are the perfect tourist destinations for couples, families and friends. White sand beach in Manuel Antonio national park is must visit place. Beaches bordered with palm trees provide the best scenic beauty you would have ever experienced. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing under the palm trees.

Apart from these, there are various adventure sports for tourists and visitors. Sports like scuba diving and windsurfing are the best ones to experience. The region falling in the north of equator, the climate remains tropical. However, the scenic beauties of beaches and sea coasts are out of the world and a must visit place.

National parks and forest reserves

Costa Rica is rich in natural resources in the form of wide range of different plants and wildlife species. You vacation will remain incomplete without visiting the national parks and forest reserves offered by Costa Rica. From endangered species to the normal ones, you are going to observe more than four thousand species of plants and more than three thousand animal species. Nature’s gift to this region is something you would have never experienced.

While visiting these parks, you can take either guided tours or you can explore by yourself these natural scenic beauties. Monteverde cloud reserve forest and Corcovado national park are some places in this context which requires a must visit.

Art, designs and monuments

If you are a history lover, an admirer of art and designs then Costa Rica has much to offer to you. History and culture of this place is something which pulls thousands of tourists from all around the world towards itself. Historical buildings, ancient sculptures and contemporary art and designs museum add some character to this place.

Add some information to your vacation; nothing could be better than learning with fun. The contemporary museum of art and design offers various paintings and sculptures along with video art and documentaries. So make sure to visit these places and enjoy some different experience.

Adventure sports

Sports are the most essential part of any holiday destination. It fills you with joy and amazement. Costa Rica offers various sports opportunities with adventure sports like surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, hiking, camping, trekking and several others. Apart from that, soccer and beach volleyball are a must try sports. These activities add more fun to the vacation.

Health tourism

There are various purposes to visit Costa Rica. But the most prominent reason for most of the tourists is relaxing and better health care facilities. There are various resorts where you could enjoy spa, steam bathing, meditation and complete body massage. These activities provide physical and mental relaxation to your body and mind.

Hence, with these options available at a tourist destination, there is no other way but to choose Costa Rica as your vacation point.