Review of the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

Whenever you go out on a camping or hunting trip, the first things you think about to carry with you are provisions and survival tools. Now, where do you carry these in a way that’s comfortable to add 50 more pounds to your own body weight? That’s where you start looking for options to carry your luggage and provisions and start checking more than the usual case or backpack.

The guys from ALPS came up with the best hunting backpack Reviews of the market, the Pursuit Hunting Back Pack.


The ALPS Pursuit Hunting Backpack comes in 2 colors: RealtreeXtra and Mossy Oak Country; both fashioned under a military outfit color with camouflage that offers that stealthy functionality and adds a certain psychological boost when hunting. It also allows making the backpack of much better materials than a standard colored backpack, which makes it so much easier to clean in a washing machine, and way harder to rip off or fail while in action. The lack of color varieties cooperates with the overall sturdiness.


ALPS geared the backpack with the ultimate comfort system that features a center aluminum stay for extra support and stability, well coated lumbar pads, 3 contoured straps on shoulders and belly, as well as security locks in all of them to make the backpack feel just like it is part of your body. It also helps to distribute the overall luggage weight throughout your upper body, adding a certain ease of maneuverability that is much superior to a regular backpack.


The Pursuit Hunting backpack features an organizational shelf pocket to keep gear at fingertips, as well as a D-Ring clip to hang from trees whenever you need to take a rest; alongside really large front and main pockets and two additional pockets in the padded waist belt. As additional, it features a quiver holder on each side where you can carry arrows or ammunition as well as drop down pocket to carry a rifle, shotgun or bow. And let’s sum up the hydration port and pocket to all this, allowing you to drink water without laying down or making stops directly from your backpack.

Lifetime Warranty

The ALPS team takes pride in the quality of their backpacks and guarantees all the craftsmanship and materials will remain free of flawed functions for life. Their factories have the most strict quality standards and specifications. Therefore, the backpacks are all being tested, used and abused, modified and retested in their beta stages as a way to ensure a first class performance; this is why they’re completely up to replace your backpack if anything happens to it while in action.


  • The sturdy and durable craft
  • Very affordable. Precisely what has it breaking through all the Hunting Backpack Reviews.
  • It is able to carry over 100 pounds of luggage.


  • A Very narrow variety of colors.
  • The clip strap locks and D-Ring clip could improve in quality.

Final Judgement

The backpack is an overall great proposal, which makes a great asset for its current price. It is definitely a reliable hunting partner that will remain by your side until the very end of your trip with no complaints at all. If it wasn’t for the regular quality of the clips and locks, I would give it a 5 star. At the end, it has 4.5 stars very well earned.