Diving in the North of the Red Sea is fun

If there is a place where diving enthusiasts can get heavenly diving experience, then it is Red Sea of Egypt. The beautiful Red Sea is full of amazing sights which will be enough to make your day more pleasant. Especially the North of the Red sea is packed with exotic wrecks, schools of fish and corals. And just when you think you have seen enough, the beautiful diving sites of Northern part will make you jump with joy. In the crystal clear water of northern Red Sea you will be able to see as clear as day.

Diving from Liveaboards in the Red Sea to explore its different sites has its own joy. Major highlights here will bring you the famous next level wrecks sighting. If you are a fan of big fish such as barracuda, turtles and eagle rays then North is also your ticket for getting your mind blown. Here you can get access to the world’s famous wrecks like Thistlegorm. The Thistlegorm has been ranked as one of the best wreck dives worldwide. A single visit to Thistlegorm, the British vessel that sank during World War II in 1941, will send chills down to your spine. It still keeps its rich history including rifles, motorbikes, train carriages, trucks. Another pearl of the Northern region is an access to legendary dive sites like Ras Mohammed National Park. Its interesting historical facts and More than 220 species of coral reefs will make you dive from your Red Sea Liveaboards again and again.

Liveaboard itineraries from Hurghada to the North of the Red Sea also include the Shadwan and Gubal islands that will surprise divers with fantastic wrecks and sites like the Abu Nuhas wrecks, the Rosalie Moller, the Kingston, Ulysses, Salem Express and Gubal Barge. To completely explore different types of wrecks and their history, you will need several days of diving here. There is even a house reef where the chances of encountering a dolphin are very high.

Although diving in the Red Sea can be done at any time of the year, there are still differences in diving conditions. From June to August water temperature can reach up to 30°C, some will find it uncomfortable. Month of February is a perfect fit for those who prefer more chill water, the temperature can drop down to 22°C. Generally the most popular months for diving in the North are spring and autumn. You will find more information in our blog article “Go diving in a liveaboard in Egypt”.

When going diving on a liveaboard it’s always important to check the requirements about certification level and amount of dives logged. Obviously there are different sites during the route that will require different diving experience. Generally Northern region is quite simple, many dive sites are coral reefs that do not go deeper than 20 m. Diving on wrecks will require higher competences. To give you a fair idea, the required certification level for some sites of the red sea like Abu Nuhas is Open Water Diver (OWD). However, the required certification for sites like Thistlegorm is Advanced Open Water DIver (AOWD).

Diving in the North of the Red Sea is fun! The sites are diverse, conditions are comfortable even for new divers.

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