Check the Technical and Non-Technical Faults of your AC to Check its Cooling Problem

The moment summers are in people do everything to soothe them from scorching heat. Due to global warming, temperature is rising every year and it is becoming difficult to survive without an air conditioner at home and office. An air conditioner not only keeps the room and surrounding area cool but also pulls out all moisture and humid indoor. Once, air conditioner was a luxurious item but nowadays, every middle class has at least one AC in their house.

Not many know that Hitachi was the first company to launch split AC in India. After that many companies like LG, Voltas, Samsung, Daikin, and Carrier etc. came along to take a place in the market. Competitors try their best to prepare something that is affordable for every class. Although people think that window AC is inexpensive compared to split AC, the truth is that the split AC is expensive to purchase and the maintenance cost is less than window AC. This is because you don’t need to cut your window pane to fix it and also it saves more energy.

However, you need to keep maintaining it so that your machine works for years without any hindrance. Every year, it needs proper care before you start using it. Well let me correct it, your AC needs servicing, before, during and after the summer season. Optimum care is the only solution to let it last longer.

Not many of us know there are many reasons due to which an AC can stop functioning or doesn’t cool your room. Here are some reasons mentioned below –

  • When you get your AC cleaned before using it, the first thing that is taken care of is the filter which blocks all the impurities to enter your house and provide fresh cooling air. If the filter is unclean it can block warm air to cool down because it is unable to reach thermostat that blocks the passage of cold air passing through the outlet.
  • If the AC isn’t on auto mode then cool air would be released occasionally and warm air too would be released at the same interval.
  • Sometimes when outdoor unit has lot of dirt and debris inside then it doesn’t function properly thereby not allowing the condenser to release cold air.
  • The motor or the fan of the outdoor unit shouldn’t be broken as its primary function is to drag warm air from the indoor unit to chill it before releasing it back.
  • If your refrigerant fluid leaks then it will not cool the surrounding air. Therefore, if you hear any bubbling or hissing noise you should immediately contact your company’s service centre.
  • Your compressor plays a vital role as it passes the refrigerant among condenser and evaporator. If the compressor is damaged then cooling isn’t possible.

With time every machine deteriorates in efficiency. Older ACs would be less efficient as compared to new ones. Their capacity drops by 2% every year hence by 10 years it drops to 20%. At this stage getting a new AC would be a wise decision.