Top 5 Airlines to Choose When Booking Long-haul Flights

As passengers need to spend quite a lot of time in long hauled flights, they need to pick their airlines with proper research only. This article draws a note on top 5 airlines which the passengers can choose while travelling overseas. 

Airlines all across the globe constantly thrive to provide the best services to their passengers to ensure that passengers get an awesome flight experience and choose to fly back with the same airline again. The quality of Airline becomes more important for long hauled flights as passengers have to stay for long stretches in the flight. Following article throws light on top 5 airlines for long-hauled flights across multiple metrics and for all classes – economy, first-class and business class.

  1. Qatar Airways – Qatar Airways is one of the few airlines that have been appreciated for all the classes – economy, first-class and business class. They have the widest seats with maximum leg room. Their food has variety and is nothing but fresh. Providing services like WiFi for grown-ups and cool cartoon-related goodies for kids, Qatar Airways, has won hearts of many customers. Their baggage delivery services, boarding assistance and cabin amenities are well-applauded.
  2. Singapore Airlines – Singapore Airlines offers wide seats and spacious leg room. The in-house entertainment systems provide a huge variety of movies, TV-series and radio shows for passengers. The food served is a perfect mélange of Asian and international cuisine, making it a perfect choice for people travelling to and fro between Asia and USA/Europe. Singapore Airline’s quality of food and quantity of meals is a big win for the travellers.
  3. UnitedUnited Airlines, the world’s third-largest airline by revenue, is regularly featured on the list of top airlines and has won quite a many awards for the same. The comfortable seats and ample space for in-cabin luggage makes it a popular choice for frequent travellers. Their food menu is quite exotic and comprises of certain chef signature dishes as well. The founding member of the Star Alliance, it is also famous for currently running one of the longest direct flight, 18-hour flight from Los Angeles to Singapore.
  4. Emirates – The gourmet meals and in-house entertainment systems have won quite a few awards for Emirates. The flight seats have power-outlets and WiFi, which lets passengers work all through the flight. Emirates staff is well-appreciated for the service, courtesy and ‘going-an-extra-mile- for-passengers’ attitude. Emirates’ onboard reading material, staff attentiveness and cabin amenities are worth appreciating.
  5. Cathay Pacific – Cathay Pacific’s offers wide seats (across classes), big-screen touchscreen devices for entertainment, in-seat power and motley of cocktails and exotic dishes as meals. Their staff is quite friendly and courteous. It also ranks high on cabin and toilet cleanliness parameters.

Be it Delhi to Toronto flights or Mumbai to Texas flights, it’s is important to consider all the dimensions before booking a long-hauled flight as you will be seated in the flight for long tiring stretches. You are the best judge of your own comfort and thus, can trade off unnecessary add-ons and air-ticket to choose the optimal Airlines for yourself.