Top 10 restaurants in Florida

Florida is the destination spot famous for its beaches and food. The restaurants there serve the original country food to the visitors to let them know their culture and food speciality. The Food in Florida is one of those things which combine the people at one place. The food is such a thing where every person joins hands to satisfy not only their hunger but also satisfy their tastes. Most of the people have a hunger to taste different cuisines of various places. Every place has a different food quality and it is the thing which gives a better idea to study the living of that place.

As the Food in Florida never satisfy the appetite of the visitor but there are various food points in the city where one can enjoy the local cuisines as well as the speciality food of Florida.

Aerial view of Fort Lauderdale Beachi n Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  1. Joe’s Stone Crab: No bucket list of restaurants at Florida could be complete without mentioning Joe’s Stone Crab. Established in somewhat 1913, this legendary place got the recognition from 1921. From then, it is serving the best food at Florida to the visitors. While searching for Food in Florida, Joe’s is the name which is always mentioned on the top, as I did!
  2. Blue Heaven, Key West: Situated in between the greenery of Key West, this restaurant serves the actual Florida delicacy to the visitor. Presenting in a very simple and open way, this restaurant make the visitor feel free from all the worries and just enjoying the yummy food. The beacon style restaurant claims to serve the lime pie around the world. The environment is lively and the cute kittens and chicks make it more fabulous.
  3. Bern’s Steak House, Tampa: this place is famous for the best and various flavoured Steak in the town. They still follow the classic ways, embled with current taste, and focusing on well aged steak. The celler of this restaurant is filled with million of wine which is the biggest collection in the world. They also allow the visitors to enter the kitchen and learn the dishes from their expert chefs.
  4. Le Tub Saloon, Hollywood: This waterfront restaurant claims to serve the best Burger in the state. Here visitors don’t have to keep hanging and waiting for the food which makes the place more peaceful and relaxing otherwise.
  5. Satchel’s Pizza: this restaurant is situated in Gainesville. The most attractive part of the place is the junk decor of the restaurant. The junk art make the place weird but unique. The food here, specially the pizza, is absolutely amazing.
  6. Versailles, Miami: The Cuban flavour of the food here makes it amazing to visit again. The pricing is quite convincing, also the proportion of food served is perfect for satisfying the appetite. Good food with good price is the combo.
  7. The Old Spanish Sugar Mill, De leon Spring: Located inside the state park, the place is pretty cool. But the best part of this restaurant is that the tables inside has griddle to make their pancakes by themselves. It us a real treat.
  8. Columbia Restaurant, Tampa: It is the oldest operating restaurant in Florida. Situated in the neighbourhood of Ybor city, this restaurant serves the best Spanish and Cuban cuisines to the visitors.
  9. Teak Neighbourhood Grill, Orlando: One of the exclusive restaurants of Orlando, this place is famous for using organic ingredients for Food in Florida. The food here makes you feel hungry even if you are full.
  10. 4 Rivers Smokehouse: Florida hasn’t always been as well known for its barbecue as other Southern states, but 4 Rivers just might change that. This place has been rapidly taking over Florida in the past few years, expanding from one man with a brisket obsession to several locations across the state.