Liwa overnight desert safari :-  

Located somewhere about a hundred kilometers from the Persian Gulf lies the Liwa Oasis. Lying at the edge of UAE,  Liwa is a spectacular desert owing to the size of the dunes it is apt for desert safaris. We bring to you the best selling tour packages, Liwa overnight desert safari which include transportation, sand-boarding and dune driving and also includes a visit to the Qsar Al Sarab and loads of fun. The desert safari is only for sightseeing in a private car service and does not include desert camps or any other camping activities.

As a general aspect of life in the desert, people have a perception that there isn’t much of life form present in the desert. This isn’t true. There are many life forms that are mostly active during the night owing to the harsh weather during the day which our experts are aware of and you may also come across during the safari.Our team puts in their best efforts to select guides and drivers who are well experienced with the desert behaviour. This overnight desert safari is one of the best ways that one could use to explore the desert by avoiding the day heat.

So come aboard, choose our Liwa overnight desert safari and have yourself a memory of a lifetime. Experience a 360-degree view of the scintillating deserts in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen and Oman with us. While providing  flavoursome authentic food , sheesha smoking, refreshing tea/coffee , water and much more of the fun that awaits you, we make sure that you don’t feel void of anything and also assure you of the best overnight safari ever. Do remember that the tour you book is yours alone and not for sharing the ride with others.

Camping in the Liwa Desert :-

First off we would pick you up in the morning from your hotel or any of the shopping malls in Abu Dhabi, then drive in an air-conditioned car through the main road from the northern side that branches of from E11 from Tarif, thereon it’s an hours drive from Madinat Zayed on a well built road. Travelling from Tarif we reach the end of the road in Mezaria’s. At the eastern end a new road joins the E11 motorway close to Abu Dhabi.

Select our latest package of Camping in the Liwa Desert, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and for an experience that would take you closer to the desert’s nature and fauna. Once in awhile one always thinks of exploring a desert and experiencing the way of life in a desert. With our Bedouin camping, belly dancing, dinner and much more fun along the way, we would love to make all your dreams and expectations of a desert exposure come true. We believe that if you wish to have a taste of desert life, this camping in the Liwa Desert package is one that you shouldn’t miss.We have our top in class travel guides who are waiting to tell you interesting tales about the desert as you camp and have your dinner and sit byb the fire. Our desert drivers are also well-trained, who will take care of all the necessity that would help in making the camp a memorable one.

Towards the end, we drive you back to your hotel where we drop you off to complete your camping trip.       We believe that we are your best choice if you are looking forward for a one-stop solution for all your desert fantasies to come true.